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We have a pocket door!

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Hello friend, 

There is line from a movie that I always think of when I start a post...

"Dear friend: I like to start my notes to you as if we're already in the middle of a conversation. I pretend that we're the oldest and dearest friends..."

As I mentioned before I have tried my hand at some new projects. There is a major project that my wonderful son and I have taken on this year. We are remodeling our kitchen. And when I say we...I mean we! The entire process has been him and I side by side. (With a few sprinklings of much needed help from my brother and my father for technical support!) The designing (my love of creating has been on overdrive) is my part, he does the electrical (as he is an aspiring electrical engineer) and together we have torn up flooring, taken the walls down to the studs, and started to build it up again. We have watched videos, asked for advice and learned what not to do along the way. It has been a crazy ride. Blood, Sweat & Tears is not just a great band! Hee hee.

There has always been an awkward door in the kitchen that goes to another room. I imagined it being this sleek pocket door someday.Well, we did it! We build a wall and gave it pocket and hid a door inside. I absolutley love it! 

I have always heard the the kitchen is the most expensive room to remodel. Well that part is coming next. Choosing just the right cabinets has been a difficult decision. But I ripped the bandaid off and make a choice!! What a relief to have made that decision. Now to get them ordered and learn how to install them. Wish me luck!


Happy Creating, 




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