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The artistry of drywall

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Hello friend,

We are making progress on the remodel! Or maybe it is just progress that has a visual impact so it seems to be moving faster. Either way, it is so exciting. It is great to be able to share my excitement with you. It was a scary step to start covering the open walls with drywall. They are heavy, awkward and slightly fragile. I have to admit, I have never been very good at cutting a straight line! Rather ironic since I am a seamstress by trade. In sewing, my not so perfectly straight edges are encased in a seem. In drywall they are encased in mud!! So, we took the leap and began. Do to my uncertainty and the fact that my dad excells at perfection, I called in his advice. And so we began....

Currently the drywall is up and I am working on getting it all mudded in my "spare time". Mudding is an art form. Those people on tv make it look so easy. Like watching an artist create a masterpiece with a blank canvas and a brush. I tip my hat to you all! You must have a sense of calm when you are mudding. This is not something you do in a hurry or tired or upset! It is almost a form of meditation. You work at a steady, smooth pace and dance with the drywall and mud. It is going to be an amazing space to create Christmas breakfast (as a Decemeber deadline is the goal we have set for ourselves.) Well, I am signing off so I can get more items needed for the remodel ordered.

Creatily yours, 


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