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Did the child in you every make you a promise to the adult you?

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Hello friend,

 Someone asked me if I could make their little girl some MLP ears. I scoured the internet and found this wonderful website Stitch & PinkIt is a great, simple pattern so I made her a few. And then I decided to make a few more and sell them once I saw how excited she was to have this to wear. They fasten with barretts, so they can be adjusted or added to most hair styles. 

You may be asking, Why am I selling them in my shop?  Well, when I was a little one I would go to craft shows with my mom and grandmother. They would give me a few dollars for spending money for the day. I thought I was the richest kid on the planet!! I may have only had a dollar or two, but that was like millions to me. 

I would carefully look at every booth and decide what treasure would be coming home with me. Often I would have to settle for candy or perhaps nothing at all because the items were out of my price range. I vowed to remember that feeling and if I ever had a shop (which was pretty likely since it was in my genes) that I would have items that were made just for kids, and kept in their price range. 

So that brings us to today, that very opinionated little girl still watches over me and makes sure that I have items that are in her price range! So if you see items under $5, (like $1 18" doll accesories, or $5 puppy) don't think they are made cheap. The reality is I am probably loosing money on them, but to know that a child is going to love and appreciate that item for some time, makes up the difference. 

Happy pretending, 


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