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2020....What a year, and it is only October!!

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This has been a crazy year for everyone. Full of ups and downs and what some are calling "the new norm".  How have you approached this variation from your normal routine? Have you had to find a new way to make a living, returned to school, or tried a new hobby?  

My house, as many, were a slow start to this altered reality. But once we saw the unlimited possibilities, we impraced it! We have looked at how we were living our lives. We were really living or just going through the motions?! 

I had a change of jobs due to the pandemic. It may just have been the shake up I was looking for but didn't even know that I needed. I am still working with kids, but I can see day to day the positive impact that I can have on their lives. How, you ask? Well, I have been tutoring. Chemistry, Algebra, US History, Spanish... nearly any and everything. It has forced me to go back to my love of learning and freshen up on the basics. I am remembering how much I love to learn! 

I was able to take a few trainings that I have wanted participate in for years. Some were even with my son! :) That was a great experience. 

Early this year, I had been a volunteer leader for a youth organization and found that it was adding far to much stress to my world. It is hard to step down from something you love, but it is ok to say no. Sometimes that can be the hardest word to say. 

Hobbies!! For years, I have followed some very wonderful women on social media. Watching them, I have found the curage to take the leap and try some new things. And what better time than during a pandemic, right?!  I will save these new hobbies for a later post! But I will close for now and hope to inspire someone soon. 


Yours in a pandemic, 




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